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University of Utah Resources

The following are public engagement and science outreach resources available on the University of Utah campus where STEMAP is based. Contact us to suggest any edits or updates to this list.

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Program NameDepartment/CenterDescriptionContactWeb linkAudience
Project YouthBennion CenterIntroduce youth to the University. Medical School, engineering, biology and many other colleges and departments participate each year. Project Youth Director 6 from Title I Schools
Utah ReadsBennion CenterProvides tutoring in literacy and mathematics to elementary students at Title I schools.Asma Hassan
Utah Reads Program Manager
801-585-9101 school students
REFUGES Afterschool ProgramCenter for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME)Offers academic tutoring, home visits and social services to address underrepresentation of women, minorities, refugees, non-native English speakers, and economically disadvantaged students in STEM.Tino Nyawelo
REFUGES Director

Sterling Johnson
REFUGES Afterschool Program Coordinator
(801) 694-0971 and high school students underrepresented in STEM
REFUGES Bridge ProgramCenter for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME)Designed for incoming University of Utah freshmen who are interested in majoring in a STEM field. Provides academic assistance and summer opportunity to live on campus, attend classes, and jumpstart their college experience.Tino Nyawelo
REFUGES Director

Allyson Rocks
Academic Coordinator
801-587-9202 of U incoming freshmen
University of Utah Science and Engineering Fair (USEF)Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME)Annual science competition for students in grades 5-12.Jody Oostema
SLVSEF Program Manager
801-585-9109 Grades 5-12
STEM MentorCenter for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME)Undergraduate STEM students develop science teaching and communication skills while serving as mentors for K-6 studentsHolly Godsey
Administration Manager
801-587-7866 school students
Elementary Engineering WeekCollege of EngineeringEngages 5 and 6th graders in engineering concepts and scientific principles.Craig Clifford
Phone: (801) 581-5763 and 6th grade students
Engineering DayCollege of EngineeringA half-day event designed to introduce high school students, undecided majors, and transfer students to a variety of engineering disciplines through presentations and demonstrations.Morgan Boyack
Academic Program Coordinator
801.581.4528 school students, parents, and prospective transfer students
Exploring Engineering CampCollege of EngineeringA three day summer camp at the University of Utah to introduce high school students to chemical, electrical, civil, environmental, computer, mechanical, materials, and biochemical engineering.Amy Arkwright
Camp Director school students,
Age 15-18
Hi-Gear (Girls Engineer Abilities Realized) CampCollege of EngineeringOne-week camp designed to expose female high school student to engineering and computer science careers.Amy Arkwright
Camp Director high school students
K-12 Teacher ResourcesCollege of EngineeringProvides K-12 math and engineering lesson plans and activities. Also Provides in class presentation at K-12 classroom and offers field trips to the University of Utah.College of Engineerig teachers
Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Program (MESA)College of EngineeringMESA aims to increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities in math, science, engineering, and technology-related careers. MESA offers educational programs, campus tours, recognition awards, and scholarships.Morgan Boyack
Academic Program Coordinator
801.581.4528 and minorities in STEM
Meet an InventorCollege of EngineeringAn annual engineering event held on campus for high school students.Morgan Boyack
Academic Program Coordinator
801.581.4528 school students
Science OlympiadCollege of EngineeringAnnual science competition for middle and high school students.Amy Arkwright
Academic Program Coordinator
www.utahscienceolympiad.utah.eduMiddle and high school students
Engineering AmbassadorsCollege of EngineeringEngineering Ambassadors are motivated students who represent the College of Engineering at recruitment, outreach, alumni, and development events. Ambassadors provide demonstrations about engineering during K-12 visits, career fairs, and other local events. They also lead on-campus tours for school groups and other prospective students. Craig Clifford
Phone: (801) 581-5763 COE students
Classroom ExperienceCollege of Mines and Earth ScienceClassroom programs for middle and high school students. Introduces current scientific research and discusses careers in earth science. Samantha Davis
Student Activities Director
801- 585-5176 and high school students
U of U Campus ExperienceCollege of Mines and Earth ScienceOffers students opportunities to visit the UU campus to learn about the College of Mines and Earth Science.Samantha Davis
Student Activities Director
801- 585-5177 and high school students
ACCESS Program for Women in Science & MathematicsCollege of ScienceProvides campus orientation, scholarships, and research opportunities to female freshmen at U of U.Tanya Vickers
ACCESS Program Director
801-581-6958 undergraduates
Frontiers of ScienceCollege of ScienceLecture series brings eminent scientists from around the world to the University of Utah and the Salt Lake City community.College of Science,
801-581-6958 public
Science Day at the UCollege of ScienceA day-long event hosted by the College of Science and College of Mines & Earth Sciences to provide information to high school students about various opportunities for incoming undergraduates in science.Christine Moua
801-213-0919 school students
Youth EducationContinuing Education & Community EngagementOffers classes for youth including ACT prep, summer camps, art, and science.Elliott Fraughton
Program Manager
Initiative to bring Science Programs to the Incarcerated in Utah (INSPIRE)Department of BiologyWorks with scientists to bring science and nature to the incarcerated through a lecture series, workshops and conservation projects.Nalini Nadkarni
Program Director

Allison Anholt
Program Manager and the corrections community in Utah
STEM Ambassador ProgramDepartment of BiologyProvides science communication training and connects scientists with public audiences based on the research or personal interests of the scientist. Caitlin Weber,
Program Manager,

Nalini Nadkarni,
Program Director,
www.stemap.orgAudience determined by scientist interests, with an emphasis on underserved groups or those who do not regularly encounter science.
K12 Outreach ProgramDepartment of Chemical EngineeringUndergraduate engineering students visit K-12 schools and community events to discuss engineering careers and conduct demonstrations.Anthony Butterfield

Edward Trujillo
801-581-4460 schools and community events
Teaching ModulesDepartment of Chemical EngineeringDatabase of classroom teaching modules and classroom visits.Anthony Butterfield

Edward Trujillo
801-581-4460 Teachers
American Chemical Society Student ChapterDepartment of ChemistryUndergraduate chemistry students bring chemistry demonstrations to local elementary and junior high schools.Holly Sebaha
801-581-6675 and junior high school students
Curie ClubDepartment of ChemistryOffers a monthly gathering where undergraduate and graduate women hear from successful women in STEM. Tascha Knowlton
Academic Advisor
801-585-7284 undergraduate and graduate students
Faraday LectureDepartment of ChemistryProvides public chemistry lectures.Tascha Knowlton
Academic Advisor
801-585-7284 public
Summer Mathematics ProgramDepartment of MathematicsAn intensive three-week math program for high school students. Participants earn three university credits.Stefan Patrikis
Program Director
801-581-5772 school students
Visiting LectureDepartment of MathematicsPresentations at local schools on mathematics and on its role in science, technology, and society.Angie Gardiner
Academic Advisor
801-581-6837 school students
AstronomUr Outreach GroupDepartment of Physics & AstronomyOffers public and private star parties, solar parties, presentations and demos for k-12 students, scouts, families, and community members.AstronomUr Outreach Group, scouts, general public
Astrophysics Science Project Integrating Research and Education (ASPIRE)Department of Physics & AstronomyProvides hands-on demos and activities for K-12 students and the public.Julia Callahan and general public
Lecture Demonstration PresentationsDepartment of Physics & AstronomyProvides tools and demonstrations to aid in teaching physics and astronomy.Adam Beehler
Lecture Demonstration Specialist
801-581-6602, undergraduate and general public
Society of Physics StudentsDepartment of Physics & AstronomyThe Society offers lab tours and school visits.sps@physics.utah.edu and Scouts
Women in Physics & AstronomyDepartment of Physics & AstronomyWorks to support women in science by offering informal mentoring and participating in community events. Department of Physics & Astronomy

WomPA, scientists
Lassonde Ambassador and Mentor ProgramLassonde Entrepreneur Institute Provides college student mentors to high-school students interested in careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).Anne Bastien
801-585-3198 school students
NHMU Lecture SeriesNatural History MuseumSpeaker series for the museumColleen McLaughlin
Public Programs Manager
801.585.9442 public
Birthday PartiesNatural History MuseumScience-themed birthday parties for kids turning 4-10 years old.
801-585-3948 4-10
Bluegrass & BBQNatural History MuseumAn annual music series presented by NHMU and KRCL. Paulmichael Maxfield
Public Programs Coordinator
801-585-5920 public
Bug BrigadeNatural History MuseumOffers visitors an opportunity to observe and handle live bugs to learn about arthropods anatomy, behavior and ecological roles.Echo Paixao
Assistant Gallery Programs Coordinator
801-587-5721 public
Foothill Wildflower WalksNatural History MuseumOffers a walking tour of the wildflowers that grow in the foothills above SLC with NHMU's botanist and entomologist.Colleen McLaughlin
Public Programs Manager
801.585.9442 public
Girl Scout at the MuseumNatural History MuseumOffers several exciting workshops that will help Girl Scouts fulfill badges and participatory patches.Colleen McLaughlin
Public Programs Manager
801.585.9442 Scouts
HawkWatch: Birds in the Lab!Natural History MuseumProgram offers participants opportunity to view live raptors and examine a variety of specimens, including feathers, eggs, and claws. Echo Paixao
Assistant Gallery Programs Coordinator
801-587-5721 public
Highlights ToursNatural History MuseumA 60 minute museum tour of the museumEcho Paixao
Assistant Gallery Programs Coordinator
801-587-5721 and families
Museum on the MoveNatural History MuseumMuseum visit local schools, provides 4th grade students the opportunity to conduct science core-aligned investigations through the use of Museum-quality specimens and materials. Museum on the Move Outreach Program
Glynis Bawden 4
NHMU Saturday Discovery Classes for 2nd–5th GradersNatural History MuseumProvides a variety of STEAM-based programming to engage children and spark curiosity in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.Shelli Campbell
Youth and Family Programs Coordinator
801-585-3948 2-5
Science CaféNatural History MuseumPresentations by U of U researchers on their current scientific research.Paulmichael Maxfield
Public Programs Coordinator
801-585-5920éGeneral public
Science Communication FellowsNatural History MuseumOffers science communication training to researchersPaulmichael Maxfield
Public Programs Coordinator
Scientist in the SpotlightNatural History MuseumOffers visitors informal meetings with local scientists. Echo Paixao
Assistant Gallery Programs Coordinator
801-587-5721 public
Summer CampNatural History MuseumThe Natural History Museum of Utah has an amazing selection of natural science and STEAM-related camps lined up for kids form preschooler to 8th grade in summer. Shelli Campbell
Family and Youth Program Coordinator
801-585-3948 pre-8
Travelling TreasureNatural History MuseumA outreach partnership designed to bring the state museum of natural history, and its collections, into Utah’s diverse communities. Sarah Allen public
Utah AnimalsNatural History MuseumOffers live animal observations. Participants will learn about the Great Basin gopher snake, North American bullfrog, Great Basin Spadefoot (toads), Utah salamanders and also learn more about the ecosystems of Utah.Echo Paixao
Assistant Gallery Programs Coordinator
801-587-5721 public
Youth Teaching YouthNatural History MuseumProvides teacher training to middle and high school students- a near-peer mentoring program (now in its 22nd year) in which middle school students are mentored in the delivery of science presentation techniques by staff and older high school-aged students who have been with the program; the students then present science programs in fourth grade classrooms augmented with museum specimens and facsimiles for hands-on learning. As students advance into high school
they participate in college preparation and college visits, leadership training, and internships at the Museum and across science departments on campus.
Linda Aaron
801-587-5702 and high school students
Research on Capitol HillOffice of Undergraduate ResearchThe Office of the Vice President for Research, the Office of Government Relations and the Office of Undergraduate Research select students each year to exhibit their work via posters to Utah State legislators.The Office of Undergraduate Research
Botany BinsRed Butte GardenTeacher resource kits that contain Utah core-curriculum aligned botany lesson plans.Sarah Sandoval
Garden AdventureRed Butte GardenClasses for children ages 4-12 and their parents at the garden.Heidi Leigh Anderson
Youth Education Coordinator
801-587-8323 28, 1900
Grow Lab ProgramRed Butte GardenResource for 1st grade teachers including lesson plans where students grow their own plant to learn about plant biology.Amie Cox
School Programs Manager
801-581-7230 grade teachers
LiL' BudsRed Butte GardenA five week classes feature a special exploration in the Garden, a fun craft or activity, a snack, and an engaging story connected to our age-appropriate theme.Heidi Leigh Anderson
Youth Education Coordinator
School Field ClassesRed Butte GardenGuided and self-guided school field classes.Heidi Leigh Anderson
Youth Education Coordinator
Urban Habitat Weed PullsRed Butte GardenA noxious weed eradication task force that ambitiously aims to protect an area along the foothills of Salt Lake City. Hosts several weeds pull in April, May and June.Neal Dombrowski

Urban Habitat,
General public
Red Butte Garden LectureRed Butte Garden

Utah State University Salt Lake County Extension
Free horticulture lecture series offered during the summer.Neal Dombrowski
General public
BioEYESSchool of MedicineHands-on STEM engagement program for K-12 students, working in week-long modules to study the growth and development of zebrafish.Judith Neugebauer, Ph.D.
Program Manager, Research Education Office

Brooke Adam
Program Coordinator
801-213-3753 students
Brain Awareness WeekSchool of MedicineBrain Awareness Week is a national campaign to boost understanding of the brain, brain health, and neuroscience. The Brain Awareness Week efforts at the University of Utah were organized by the Neuroscience Program.Christie Wnukowski
Email: students
Community Assistance and Resource Event (C.A.R.E) FairSchool of MedicineA health fair sponsored by the Junior League of Salt Lake City. Medical student volunteers provide screening examinations under the supervision of volunteer faculty from the medical school.John Houchins
801-585-3081 underserved citizens
Future DoctorsSchool of MedicineOffers guest speakers and hands on activities for high school students interested in the medical profession.Chris Harris
Admin Program Coordinator
801-585-3724 school students
Health Sciences Leap ProgramSchool of MedicineProvide academic assistance and support to diverse students entering as freshmen who have an interest in health sciences.Zeta Tsagaris,
Manager of the Office of Inclusion and Global Equity
801-587-9917 freshmen
Mad Scientist ProgramSchool of MedicineScientists visit classrooms across the Salt Lake Valley to engage students in grades K-5 in a range of hands-on activities.Chris Harris
Admin Program Coordinator
801-585-3724 K-5
Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Program (MESA) School of MedicineK-12 program that offers monthly presentations and hands-on activities focused on health related topics.Chris Harris
Admin Program Coordinator
Premedical Conference School of MedicineA one-day event giving premed students and those interested in attending medical school the opportunity to learn more about the University of Utah School of Medicine.Melanie Hooten
Student Services Manager
801-587 7672 students
Science MastersSchool of MedicineProgram created for students grades 7- 9 interested in exploring education and careers in science. Offers hands-on activities led by medical students from the University of Utah's School of Medicine. Donna Eldridge
Admin Program Coordinator
801-587 3525 7- 9
Science NavigatorSchool of MedicineProgram for boys grades 4-6 interested in careers in science. Offers hands on activities facilitated by medical students. Chris Harris
Admin Program Coordinator
801-585-3724 grades 4-6
Science PowerSchool of MedicineProgram for girls grades 4-6 interested in exploring education and careers in science. Offers hands on activities facilitated by medical students. Chris Harris
Admin Program Coordinator
801-585-3724 grades 4-6
Science SproutsSchool of MedicineA program targeting students grades 1-3 introducing this vital population to the wonderful world of science. Donna Eldridge
Admin Program Coordinator
801-587 3525 1-3
Science on TapSchool of MedicineAn informal science engagement program at a local bar that presents laid-back opportunities to engage the public with science.Audrey Rutz public
Utah Rural Outreach Program School of MedicineMedical students visit high schools in rural and frontier communities in an attempt to increase awareness and interest in health careers and education.Stephen C. Alder, PhD
801-587-3315 communities
First Lego League ChampionshipThe Office of Venture Technology DevelopmentA global robotics and innovation program for kids ages 9 to 14.Richard Anderson
FIRST® Utah Regional Director

Mark Minor, Chair, Co-Volunteer Coordinator
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Utah
www.utfrc.utah.eduAges 9-14
Advancing Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) the University of Utah ChapterThe University of Utah Provides support to underrepresented minority students and young professionals at the University of Utah in pursuing advanced degrees, careers, and leadership positions in the sciences. Strengthens the STEM pipeline for high school and middle school minority students.SACNAS University of Utah Chapter minority students and young professionals
Genetic Science Learning CenterThe University of UtahOffers educators resource and tools in teaching genetics, bioscience and health. Also helps to translates science and health for non-experts to understand. Barbara Heather Coulter
Project Administrator
801 585-3470
learn.genetics.utah.eduGeneral public
Women's Resource CenterThe University of UtahProvides resources and support to female students.Flor Olivo
Program Coordinator
Huntsman Cancer InstituteThe University of Utah HealthEducates the public about cancer risks, screenings, and preventions. Visits work sites, churches, and community organizations. Office of Public Affairs,
801-587-7639 public
JumpStartTRIO ProgramsA residential summer program at the University of Utah for incoming freshmen from low income families or first generation college students.Maria C Baldwin
JumpStart/Bridge Program Coordinator freshmen
Student Support ServicesTRIO ProgramsProvides academic assistance and other services to the current or incoming undergraduate university students.TRIO Program Office,
801-581-7188 students
Upward BoundTRIO ProgramsProvides college preparation assistance to high school students from low income families or who are first generation college students. TRIO Program Office,
801-581-7188 school students