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STEM Ambassadors

The STEM Ambassador Program began in 2016 as a training program for a small cohort of University of Utah scientists. Since then, we have grown to work with over 170 graduate students, post-docs, faculty, staff, and undergraduate students. Scroll down to learn about the scientists who have participated. Contact us if you would like to reach out to a STEM Ambassador.

Note that many Ambassador bios were uploaded when the Ambassador joined the program and may not be current.

Julia Carleton

Photo of Julia Carleton

Julia Carleton works with Dr. Jay Gertz at the University of Utah. She is developing new technologies to study the ‘dark matter’ of the human genome that does not contain genes. She is using these tools to identify the switches that control genes and determine how these bits of DNA may contribute to cancer.

Julia enjoys Utah’s natural beauty through hiking, skiing, and canyoneering.