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Prep for the reflection meeting

Prepare a 5-minute presentation for the Reflection meeting on June 3rd. You may use slides if you wish. Upload these prior to the meeting.

Download presentation instructions

Download slide template

Your presentation should describe the following:

  • Connect: Why did you choose this particular focal group?
  • Immerse: What did you learn about the focal group?
  • Design: What was the insight statement you used to brainstorm? What was the format of your project? Why did you choose this format?
  • Engage: How did you prepare for and carry out the project?
  • Reflect: What feedback did you receive from participants and your project reviewer/observer? What went well? What would you do differently next time?
    • Do you plan to expand on your engagement work in the future? How?
    • What advice should STEMAP pass on to future Ambassadors?

 Discuss your progress so far and next steps if your project is not yet complete.