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Engagement Venues

A diverse array of community venues have hosted STEM Ambassadors. Read about just some of the groups we have worked with below.

Argentina's Best Empanadas

Argentina’s Best Empanadas is a local restaurant selling homemade empanadas at its downtown Salt Lake location and at the local farmer’s market. The restaurant was an excellent venue for a STEM Ambassador who studies birds in Argentina to showcase her ecological field work in Argentina.

Backcountry Horsemen of Utah Mountain Ridge Chapter

Backcountry Horsemen of Utah (BCHU), is a statewide organization that promotes trail-riding for equestrians, opportunities for community service, and regular meetings for horse owners and enthusiasts. A wildlife biologist met with members of BCHU to discuss local wildlife research and learn about wildlife sightings on equestrian trails.

Bud Bailey Apartments

The Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake operates housing complexes with services for low-income and refugee families. Bud Bailey Apartments offers afterschool programming for residents and has hosted Ambassadors in physics and geology.

Community Club

Community Club is an organization for families living in University of Utah apartments. The club offers family-friendly activities including fitness classes, children’s play groups, and crafts. A STEM Ambassador who is a biologist shared her research on pigeon genetics with parents and children at one of Community Club’s regular play groups. The event included pigeon themed crafts, games, and live birds.

Craft Lake City

Craft Lake City is a nonprofit organization in Salt Lake City that promotes the arts in Utah. Each year, Craft Lake City hosts the popular DIY Festival, featuring local artisans, music, DIY workshops, and demonstrations. A STEM Ambassador who is a geneticist shared her work at a booth at the DIY festival and showed participants how to make DNA sequence bracelets.

Demolition Games

Demolition Games is a game store in Salt Lake City that hosts game nights. A STEM Ambassador met with game designers at the store to discuss ways to create a game based on her research topic.

Greater Avenues Community Council

The Greater Avenues Community Council is a local governing body in the Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake City. A STEM Ambassador who studies local water resources shared his work in regional water issues with residents at council meetings.

Harmon's Neighborhood Grocers

Harmon’s is a local Utah grocery chain featuring cooking classes. A microbiologist participated in a Harmon’s fermentation cooking class where she discussed the microbiology behind fermentation while students made sauerkraut and kimchi.

INSPIRE (Initiative to bring Science Programs to the Incarcerated)

STEMAP partners with INSPIRE to provide science lectures and sustainability projects at the Salt Lake County Jail and Draper State Prison. STEM Ambassadors have provided lectures and workshops on a variety of topics ranging from water-wise landscaping to ornithology.

Learning For Life Program

The Learning for Life Program offers life skills experience and leadership development to youth in the Salt Lake area. Several STEM Ambassadors partnered with the Learning for Life Program to facilitate a STEM-themed day camp for homeschooled youth and their parents.

Neighborhood House

Neighborhood House is a youth and adult care and support facility. An atmospheric scientist attended their Summer Celebration where he hosted an air quality activity for children.

Refugee Youth Conference

The Refugee Youth Conference is a coalition of organizations that encourages high school students with refugee backgrounds to pursue higher education. STEM Ambassadors participated in a “meet-a-scientist” seminar at their 2016 conference.

Salt Lake Community Network

The Salt Lake Community Network (SLCN) unites community councils across Salt Lake City. A STEM Ambassador presented information about local water resources to the SLCN.

Salt Lake Senior Centers

Salt Lake County maintains 19 senior centers. Several STEM Ambassadors have given presentations on topics such as neuroscience, engineering, ornithology, and physics at these venues.

Science For Youth in Custody

Juvenile Justice Services of Utah provides care for youth who are in the custody of the state of Utah, including group homes, residential treatment centers, and secure care facilities. The STEM Ambassador Program partners with Dr. Nadkarni’s youth in custody program  to provide science presentations in secure care facilities. STEM Ambassadors include information about careers in science and current research. Topics presented have included anthropology, genetics, engineering, and virology.

Shades of Pale Brewing

Shades of Pale Brewing is a craft brewery located in Salt Lake City that hosted a science-themed trivia night led by a STEM Ambassador.

Splore/National Ability Center

Splore/NAC is an adaptive recreation organization providing access to outdoor activities including rock climbing, rafting, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, and hiking. STEM Ambassadors have provided science content during Splore trips, including math, biology, and geology.

STEM Community Alliance Program for Youth In Care (STEMCAP)

STEMCAP brings science presentations and hands-on workshops to youth in secure care facilities and residential treatment centers. Several STEM Ambassadors have worked with STEMCAP to share their research and path to science. Topics presented have included anthropology, genetics, engineering, urban planning, and virology.

Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living is a nation-wide chain of senior living and long-term care facilities. The Salt Lake location offers numerous programs for residents. STEM Ambassadors have given talks at Sunrise on neuroscience, water resource management, and plant biology.

University of Utah Facilities Management

​Facilities Management maintains buildings and infrastructure at the University of Utah. A STEM Ambassador in oncological sciences met with Facilities electricians to discuss similarities between her research on biological ‘circuits’ involved in cancer and the electrician’s work with electrical circuits.

Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake

Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake (UICSL) is a community center serving members of the Native American community in Salt Lake City by offering resources such as youth programs, fitness classes, and counseling. STEM Ambassadors have led birdwatching field trips and paleontology activities with the Center’s youth program.

Watchtower Cafe

Watchtower Café is a comic book and gaming café in Salt Lake City that hosts community events including craft nights, board game events, and poetry readings. The Café was an outstanding venue for a STEMAP science in pop-culture event, where a virologist used zombies to discuss infectious particles and illustrate principles in epidemiology.