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STEMAP Site Leader – Orientation

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The purpose of the Orientation is to familiarize new Ambassadors with the STEMAP approach, training resources, and important meeting dates.

Many scientists take a “deficit approach” to communication, which presumes that lack of public support for science is due to low scientific literacy. However, research has shown that this is not the most effective communication strategy. The STEM Ambassador Program uses an engagement approach that prioritizes building trust by showing honesty and integrity, demonstrating the scientist is open and willing to listen to others, showing that the scientist is motivated by a desire to help others, and highlighting shared values.

Ambassadors commit a significant amount of time to learn about the focal group they plan to engage, and they design activities specific to the group in venues where that group naturally gathers.

Complete the tasks below to present Ambassadors with the rationale for this approach and provide an overview of the STEMAP process