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Not all members of the public can or do engage with science in traditional ways, such as by visiting museums or science centers. STEMAP encourage Ambassadors to think creatively about the venues and focal groups they engage. In the Connection Module, Ambassadors reflect on their research, personal interests, and experiences to identify engagement opportunities that they are qualified and motivated to carry out. This initial self-reflection will help the Ambassador form authentic connections with the people they engage.

Ambassador Training Objectives

  • Learn the value of drawing on both their personal and professional identities to identify focal groups and engagement opportunities
  • Distill their research, personal interests, and experiences
  • Identify three potential focal groups to engage, and articulate a connection to each

This module assumes an understanding of the STEMAP goals, objectives and training process. Ambassadors should participate in the STEMAP orientation and/or review the STEMAP BioScience publication before this meeting.

Ambassadors will distill their responses to a series of interview questions into keywords to create a “Keyword Page.” Keywords are then used to brainstorm focal groups to engage. Below you can find materials to facilitate these connection interviews with Ambassadors.