Become a STEM Ambassador

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About the training

Ambassadors participate in workshops and one-on-one meetings to learn how to form meaningful relationships in the community and carry out a public engagement project. Projects take place outside traditional learning venues, such as museums and schools, to better include people who cannot or do not engage with science in conventional ways.

Previous engagement projects have included:

  • a researcher studying antibiotic resistant bacteria wrote an article for a parenting website about how his research affects the way he prepares food for his family;
  • an ornithologist drew on her skills as a musician to write and perform music inspired by bird migrations; and
  • an anthropologist led a pottery workshop for youth in a secure residential facility.

Through STEMAP training, Ambassadors gain public engagement skills that can be applied when communicating with stakeholders outside their field, developing innovative Broader Impacts for funding proposals, and improving public access to science.

Ambassadors are responsible for attending a series of workshops and carrying out an engagement project.

Below is the spring 2021 training schedule. All meetings and projects are conducted remotely for this cohort.

  • Friday, January 22 (11:30-12:30): Orientation
  • January 22- February 4: 1 hour meeting with STEMAP staff
  • Friday, February 5 (11:30-1:50): Immersion Workshop
  • Friday, February 19 (11:30-12:30): Group Meeting
  • Friday, February 26 (11:30-1:50): Design Workshop
  • Friday, March 5 (11:30-1:50): Engage Workshop Sessions 1 & 2
  • Friday, March 12 (11:30-1:50): Engage Workshop Sessions 3 & 4
  • Friday March 19 (11:30-12:30): Group meeting
  • Friday April 9 (11:30-12:30): Group Meeting
  • Friday April 30 (11:30-1:50): Ambassador presentations

The application for the 2021 training is now closed. For updates on the program and future cohorts, please sign up for our newsletter mailing list.